Master of Business Administration (Online MBA Programs)

Online MBA Programs

You have already accomplished a great deal in your profession. You work hard now you’re ready to lead. Earning your MBA degree from Post University can create new opportunities to multiple career opportunities in a variety of organizations, ranging from healthcare to technology and finance to marketing.

MBA Program Best parts
As a graduate scholar of our MBA programs, you’ll commence by taking foundation courses in accounting, finance and marketing; and you’ll learn how to effectively solve business problems through innovation and imagination and hone your skills in areas like:

  • Economic modeling
  • Project management
  • Management
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Business strategy and planning
  • Organization aspect

Because you progress in the program, course program will be focused on the concentration you choose and the career result you’re looking for.


Build on the core and foundation to provide specialized knowledge and applied skills in management of economic institutions, research of financial statements, creation and management of monetary portfolios and a working familiarity with the impact of public policy to program of financial principles. Profession outcomes include tend to be not limited to financial analyst, banker, control, money manager, investment expert, underwriter, financial manager, and finance executive.

Project Management
You’ll gain detailed process and step-by-step understanding of the profession, as well as different types of project-based tools and applications of theory. And in our practice-based program, you’ll gain experience in their classroom that you can apply at your current position the next day. Career outcomes include leading project teams, defining and managing project risk, determining financial resource needs and impacts and managing task finance.

Whether you own an enterprise and want to add value to your enterprise, or if you are an aspiring entrepreneur who would like to business lead innovation and make use of new market opportunities, we will give you the tools to call at your ideas through from strategy to completion. Outcomes include career entry or growth in small and large business environments including owner, partner, manager or professional.

Corporate Innovation
Likely to learn strategies to help your company break ground–whether it can a new market, a new product, or a new organizational structure–without interrupting your career path. Position outcomes vary but include managers, directors, and management in charge of strategy, change, and innovation.

This is a tailored program that plots on a course from all the other concentrations that are based on specific job goals. Career opportunities are based on targeted opportunities, depending on approved degree plan.

Develop skills in writing marketing plans, developing new products and services, corresponding value propositions to purchasers and management of marketing organizations. Graduates often follow careers as marketing experts, sales supervisors or operators, business development managers, product researchers, product developers, marketing strategists, directors or management.

Healthcare Authority Systems
Apply your skills in areas specific to a rapidly evolving health care world, letting you gain an understanding of the inter-relatedness of clinical, technological and financial components of the business enterprise of healthcare. Graduates can pursue a career in an evergrowing and evolving health care field.

Leadership – Readily available On Campus and On the net
Our program focuses on the leadership aspects in all areas of business functionality, from day-to-day relationships with employees and clubs to big-picture planning. Likely to learn how to evaluate your authority skills objectively and discuss new methods for a variety of situations, including regaining public trust, leading progressive organizations, and package with ever increasing complexity and alter. Job games vary but may include unit leaders, supervisors, executives, directors and executives in charge of leadership and change.

Learn more about Post University’s distinctive online MBA programs and on-campus MBA programs in Connecticut and fill out the shape to contact us today. Allow your employer know you’re prepared to work hard and take your job to the next level.

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