Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Master of Science in Criminal Justice,

We all will provide you with advanced training in legal justice and professional supervision. Through this program, you will learn to make use of best practices and trends in criminal justice by understanding your written and mental communication most effective as an innovator or administrator in the criminal proper rights field. This system focuses on the integration of values, criminal justice, and management.

You will be equipped with an understanding in:

  • Administration of justice organizations.
  • H.R. management in criminal justice.
  • Leadership, ethics, and policing.
  • Criminal justice program evaluation.

Potential Career Fields

  • Caseworker
  • Corrections Officer
  • Private/Corporate Security Officer/Manager
  • State and Local Law Enforcement Officer

Public Administration, 100% online program, is designed to train present and future leaders in the field of criminal justice in the development and execution of criminal justice policy, and the leadership and management of criminal justice organizations. You will combine strong master’s level foundational courses, ethics, and leadership education, and will be prepared to take on the challenges of the criminal justice system.

Courses will provide you with a foundation in:

  • Communication and conflict.
  • Public policy analysis.
  • Administration of justice organizations.
  • Leadership, ethics, and policing.

Potential Career Fields

  • Elected Official
  • Police Administrator
  • Urban and Social Policy
  • Social Services
  • Sustainable Resource Development Management

Homeland Security, 100% online program, is intended to prepare criminal equity experts for positions of authority in the organization and administration of country security associations and in the execution of country security duties at all levels of government.

Homeland security knowledge and skills prepare you to successfully navigate critical leadership challenges in:

  • Threat prevention.
  • Mitigation.
  • Response and recovery.

Potential Career Fields

  • Customs/Immigration Inspector
  • Emergency Management Director
  • First-Line Supervisor of Law Enforcement
  • Special Agents

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